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  • Acne Prevention Serum-Coptis

    It effectively penetrates to acne germ by dermotropic ingredient(natural component) and core technique.
  • Active Acne Treatment Set

    SKIIN Home treatment essential set that treats and eliminates active acne for teens and adults. This set includes all the essentials that you need to perform the treatment at home.

    • 1x SKIIN LED Wide volume face and neck mask
    • 1x Renewal serum – hyaluronic
    • 1x Acne prevention serum – coptis
    • 1x PDT
  • LED Wide-volume Face & Neck Mask

    Clinically proven effective in improving skin brightness, improving acne and scars, skin elasticity, and hydration.  Harness the power of LED for optimal results in just 10 minutes and add it to your weekly skincare regime for healthier, clearer and brighter skin!

  • PDT Gel

    Clinically proven to improve Adult acne, Tubercular acne, Teen acne, Seborrheic acnetion of the human body. With reduced treatment time, no side effects and treats multiple conditions. Best results for acne and pigmentation.

  • Renewal dual effect serum – HYALURONIC

    Renewal dual effect serum – HYALURONIC. Pair it with your LED Mask for optimal benefits – Deep hydration, soothe skin sensitivity and sensitivity after laser or beauty treatments, skin whitening, and brightening, improve skin elasticity.