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  • LED Wide-volume Face & Neck Mask

    Clinically proven effective in improving skin brightness, improving acne and scars, skin elasticity, and hydration.  Harness the power of LED for optimal results in just 10 minutes and add it to your weekly skincare regime for healthier, clearer and brighter skin!

  • Renewal dual effect serum – 24K GOLD

    24K Gold – Renewal Dual Effect Serum. Pair it with your LED Mask for optimal benefits – Improve skin vitality, radiance booster, enhances skin elasticity, and skin regeneration. Improves skin hydration and retains moisture.

  • Renewal dual effect serum – BTX Collagen

    Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 improves skin elasticity of crumpled and stretched skin. Quickly absorbed by the skin with its small molecule size with high stability and double-membrane structure. Its high moisture content rehydrates from within the skin.

  • Renewal dual effect serum – HYALURONIC

    Renewal dual effect serum – HYALURONIC. Pair it with your LED Mask for optimal benefits – Deep hydration, soothe skin sensitivity and sensitivity after laser or beauty treatments, skin whitening, and brightening, improve skin elasticity.

  • Renewal dual effect serum – PEPTIDE

    Renewal dual effect serum – PEPTIDE. Pair it with your LED Mask for optimal benefits – Improve skin vitality, brightens the skin, enhances skin elasticity, regenerates skin cells, and increases hydration.


  • Skiin Booster I

    Total skin revitalizer with compex ingredients for improving overall skin health.
  • Skiin Brightener

    HP CELL VITARAN Skin Brightener 3+3 is a skin care serum set which contains Salmon DNA to help skin regeneration.
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    SKIIN Needling Pen

    Best-selling homecare device targetting fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, pigmentations, large pores, and spots. All-new designed for better results and comfort. Fully automated and wireless with 6 different speeds.