Active Acne Treatment Set


SKIIN Home treatment essential set that treats and eliminates active acne for teens and adults. This set includes all the essentials that you need to perform the treatment at home.

  • 1x SKIIN LED Wide volume face and neck mask
  • 1x Renewal serum – hyaluronic
  • 1x Acne prevention serum – coptis
  • 1x PDT
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Treat and prevent breakouts with SKIIN home treatment kit designed specifically for teen and adult acne.

  • SKIIN LED Wide volume face and neck mask. Power of LED light that works for acne by reaching the epidermis that fights acne-causing bacteria. Once acne has improved, the mask can be used to enhance skin elasticity, tone, density, firmness and hydration for plumper and healthy skin.
  • Renewal serum – hyaluronic. Soothe skin sensitivity, improve skin elasticity, whitens and hydrates restoring a natural glow.
  • Acne prevention serum – Coptis. Effectively penetrates into the skin and fights acne germs while improving anti-inflammatory ability, tissue regenerative, and immunomodulatory ability with plant-derived ingredients.
  • PDT Gel. Patented acne solution technology reduces the production of sebum. Used for adult/teen acne, tubercular acne, and seborrheic acnetion.