Renewal dual effect serum – IDEBENONE


Renewal dual effect serum – IDEBENONE. Pair it with your LED Mask for optimal benefits – Improving overall skin tone, brightening, anti-wrinkles, increase moisture content.


Idebenon, improve your skin tone with its high level of anti-oxidant with levels higher than Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C. It Brightens and fight wrinkles with its concentration of ampoule containing ibebenone caused by external harmful environment.

Pure-Medi, naturally derived from blending and patent ingredients such as reed and Salicornia herbacea extract that brightens the skin tone by reducing the production of melanin that causes dull skin. Its moisturizing effect keeps fine lines at bay.

Key Benefits

  • Improve overall skin tone
  • Brightening
  • Anti wrinkles
  • Increase moisture content

Main ingredients

  • Idebenon
  • Pure-medi
  • Honey
  • B-Glucan
  • Adenosine