Regenerate your skin at home

Your home treatment solution

Imagine having to always book your facial a week or so in advance or spend bi-weekly on expensive packages only to discover certain restrictions or realize that results aren’t satisfactory?

Our home treatment kit allows you to enjoy healthier and younger-looking skin at the comfort of your home. Pamper yourself while enjoying the flexibility to do so at your own convenience. The best of all, results have been proven effective!


Treat melasma and lighten those pigmentation effectively with our home treatment devices. On top of your daily care, use it as maintenance and preventive care especially after your treatment with your dermatologist.

Teen Acne

Clinically proven to effectively controlling and reducing acne breakouts. Enjoy clearer skin without harsh medication that can affect our body. SKIIN Home treatment kit helps to treat and reduce future breakouts.

Acne Scars /
Teen Acne

Suitable for both teens and adults. Visibly reduce scars caused by acne or any fine scarring. Discover clearer and smoother complexion with SKIIN home treatment kit.

Collagen Bio-Stimulation & Brightening

Discover younger, plumper, bouncier and brighter skin with our home treatment kit. Effective boost the body’s collagen level at home! Visible results are seen right from the very first use. Never a dull day again!