skiin melasmaAge spots, also known as sunspot, liver spots and solar lentigines. These spots vary in size and can happen to any skin type. These spots tend to happen in mature adults and likely to be seen in areas that are exposed to the sun. Unlike freckles, age spots do not fade. 

Whereas freckles, on the other hand, can occur to anyone at any age with a fair complexion. They may continue to appear randomly especially after exposure to the sun. This is because of the increased pigment called melanin. The occurrence of freckles tends to be hereditary. While they are harmless, one should still keep their regular checks with the dermatologist to ensure no irregularities.

Another type of pigmentation is the occurrence of melasma which tends to be triggered by an increased in hormones, typically in pregnant women yet it isn’t limited to them. It is usually seen in women however, men can also develop as it does have a genetic component. This can quite tricky to treat and have a great flow of misinformation. The development of melasma is likely to occur if you have a darker skin type due to the naturally active pigment-producing cells.

SKIIN regenerate home care series for pigmentation or melasma or age spot is to have a regular functional skin care system so that you can perform the treatment at your home without spending on expensive treatment in a clinic. It should also use it on regular basis to keep the dark pigmentation at bay without flaring up. You will require our SKIIN needlingpen and 3 different serum to eliminate, brighten and stimulate the collagen production without stimulating the dark pigmentation.

Home care kit
  • SKIIN needlingpen
  • Melatocin, brightening and skin boosting serum